Perhaps you’ll agree that, nowadays, it is not as easy as it seems to meet new people and dating. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue once again. LOVOO is an app of meetings that facilitates meeting new people in the area with its access platform and its many features.

lovoo app dating site

Lovoo dating app is easy to use:

You only have to register (you can do it from your accounts Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus) before starting to drag from one profile to another. You can not imagine the number of people close to you who would like to meet new people. Since LOVOO app is already known worldwide, it is rather difficult not to find someone in a 50 km radius, no matter where you are in the world.

You can complete your profile by uploading images, adding your interests and updating your status. You can send messages to candidates that you find interesting and comment on their photos. Also, you can find people by indicating certain parameters or playing “I like or I do not like” to improve the accuracy of the motor.

There is no doubt that one of its most interesting features is the “Radar Live” where you can see the candidates surroundings on a radar circle indicating your location in the center. There is also a credit system to improve the visibility of your profile. You can get these loans in various ways: by checking your profile by connecting to Facebook, by logging every day, by downloading and watching videos …

LOVOO app is well-designed, comprehensive and intuitive. It is a good choice for those who want to be fun or find their soul mate.

Lovoo dating app interface

How Lovoo App Works:

There were sports to dating sites for animal lovers or Christians. Now, it will take on dating sites with location-based services, such Lovoo, who arrives in France today. Created in Germany by two brothers, the application has gained in two years 5, 4 million users from 22 to 31 years. The principle is simple as in “real life”: a fun way to present users with profiles of men or women potentially open dredge 2.0 within 150 meters. If a profile seduces, virtual kisses can send a chat, or a physical meeting proposal. Otherwise, nothing happens only because anonymity is guaranteed. Of course, it is possible to preset its criteria before, by age, physical, centers of interest, like the other conventional dating sites. You can even connect via Facebook, which collects more information about other members.

lovoo dating app features

Lovoo dating app features:

Lovoo The application is free, but works with a credit system giving access to certain features, and these funds are paying. There is however the possibility to earn free with partner offerings, and launching daily application (5 credits offered each day).

Search to find people to meet near you.
The first tab of Lovoo is the “Search” tab, which shows you all the people present near the place where you are based on the criteria you set (male, female or both, to looking for men, women or both, and according to the desired age). They are displayed as a list, with their photo, name or pseudonym, age, city and distance they are from you. They are broadly classified according to the distance between you.

Show your interest to a person and match
Lovoo in its free version is limited and does not send a chat message to someone. The best way to contact someone that interests you, it is still to match with it using the “Affinities” tab. You scroll through the pictures of single according to your criteria, and whether the person you like it or not. If you choose “Like” to indicate that the person please, she will be informed on the “Fan of you”, but your picture will be blurred (unless VIP). It may, however, consult your profile against 20 credits. If you love a person and indicated that the interest is mutual, you will see its profile appear on the “affinities” and can then contact the VIP or without pay credits.

Live radar, to see people connected around you
The feature “Live radar” of Lovoo puts you in the middle of a map (as radar) and shows you by dots anyone on around you and match your search criteria, in an area that you defined . You can see their profile.

For the rest, Lovoo offers the standard functionalities of a mobile application meeting: the ability to send messages (cats), add friends, see who visited your profile, etc. Lovoo can be downloaded

Lovoo Dating Site; discover singles near you:

Lovoo dating site radar, so that was great! Although it falls on our neighbors or neighbors, we can finally find people close to us and not to the other side of the world!

Regarding the price, and there is interesting, you have a choice, you can use the application for free but limited. This means that you can play the game the game (just like the other two applications) but a number of times (I do not have the number in my head, I admit to not having counted!). As the consultation some profiles (especially those who’re enjoying or sends you a kiss) are limited! But this is where it gets interesting ..

As on many other sites or app can unlock this daily limit says VIP subscription (providing you other additional options the way) but if you just want to unlock Piecemeal (profile or other) you can with credits, which themselves are freely available (including the connection).

Small bonus for that matter, and I come back here on the site team (and app), and I’m talking about the quality of service, I found myself assigned a “bonus credits” simply having reported slight spelling mistake in one of their automatic mails! I was not expecting it at all and did not report the fault in this spirit, but believe me it is rare and very nice of them!

lovoo dating site

Lovoo the best dating app:

Finally, this meeting application that is by far the best, I would say that although the profile is fully customizable (which is a real plus!) It deserves to be improved and with a few additional details.

Including tastes, desires and passion of the members. And thus offer a second radar, which it would be based on these criteria!